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You’re Never Too Old to Start a New Business

You are too old to start a new business

Face it. You’re too old, you are too far down the road in your career and it’s too late to bother with starting something new. You have responsibilities, a kid, a wife, a house. You can’t take any kind of risk now – that would be career suicide.

That’s what I told myself in my late thirties. I was able to justify my lack of action by telling myself this story. It was one conversation in particular with a life coach that corrected my thinking.

I was thirty seven years old and felt like I was bearing down on middle age at a pretty rapid rate. I had just started moving up in my career and my prospects looked very good. I did get a late start compared to most people, relatively speaking, but the future looked bright. I was working in a sales position for a great manufacturing company and was soon to be tapped to be the next Director of Sales. I had a company car, a 401K, insurance and other great benefits. I made President’s Club every year so that meant at least one trip to an exotic location, all expenses paid.

OK, cool story. So… what’s the problem? I didn’t want to work for someone else. I desperately wanted to build my own business. I wanted to set the rules. I wanted full control over my successes and failures and I didn’t want to be at the mercy of someone else steering my ship. As successful as I was and as positive of a direction that I was headed, the siren song of entrepreneurship called out to me.

What's Stopping You?

I told this to my life coach, Heather, and she asked a simple question -“So, what’s stopping you from doing that?”

My answer was simple. “I’m too far down the road and my career path has been set. I’m a sales guy. I work up to Director of sales, VP of sales, and eventually Sr. VP of sales. It’s what you are supposed to do, right? Plus, I’m almost forty years old. Who in hell throws away a sure thing just to take a risk like that? I have an eight year old kid and a wife… how irresponsible would that be?”

Heather is a great life coach and she had heard all of this stuff before. What I said next, though, caught her a bit off guard.

I am too Old

I said – “Besides. I’m too old to start something completely new.”

There was a pregnant pause… “What?” She said.

“Sure,” I said, “who starts something new at 40 years old? Now it’s time to double down on the effort to make sure I secure that VP job.”

Heather laughed and said that I was absolutely crazy. She gave me example after example of massive success stories of people that started businesses at 40, 50 and 60 years old. “Forget about age… if this is a calling and you truly want it that badly, it is your obligation to try.”

She was right. What I didn’t know at the time was that the process of launching and starting a new business didn’t have to involve massive financial risk. It didn’t mean that I had to quit my job before I tested the waters first. This isn’t the 1960s – you don’t need to go all in with a big bank loan, an office space and a staff of people.

Time to Test the Waters

I took her words to heart. I looked for a way to test the entrepreneurial waters before having to go ‘all in’. I started an e-commerce business by leveraging the Amazon marketplace. By creating an online business I could still work my corporate job during the day but build something new on nights and weekend. I also learned that there is an army of virtual assistants or ‘outsourced staff’ that will be able to do scores of the simple, repeatable task that many online businesses have nowadays.

Within two years I had built a seven-figure business on Amazon… in my spare time. In 2013 at forty-one years old I left my corporate job for good. I want so much for other people to break free and launch their own career that with my business partner, Todd Snively, we started Wholesale Product Mastery. We provide the tools, training, community and support services to help others do what I did. Launch and scale their own business selling on Amazon.

It’s never too late. It doesn’t matter if you are deep in your career, well established in your current job or even retired. If you have a strong desire to set your own rules, build something by yourself or create a business that will provide far more earnings than the typical 9-5, take the shot. It’s never too late to start something new.

Wholesale Product Mastery - Never too old to start a business

Wholesale Product Mastery

More than ever people are looking to make money online with a laptop.  More and more of them, including “senior citizens” are turning to Amazon.  When you want to learn how to sell on Amazon as a beginner, you want to start with Wholesale Product Mastery.

Wholesale Product Mastery is as close as you can get to a turn key, business in a box system.  In addition to all of the training that you need, which is all done online, both live and in recorded sessions, you are also given the processes, procedures and systems to be able to become successful using the name brand, wholesale distribution model.

Wholesale distribution is nothing new.  Selling on Amazon isn’t even that “new”, however, the number of people that really understand the unique relationship name brand selling and Amazon have, is pretty small.

Wholesale Product Mastery is designed to build you a legitimate, online wholesale distribution business that has longevity.  Partnering with a marketplace like Amazon is an amazing opportunity, and once you fully understand the best way to maximize the opportunity, you will have a lifestyle business second to none.

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