There’s an Issue With Your Order

There’s an Issue with

Your Payment!

Follow the steps below to complete your checkout:


Check your email or Smartphone

It is quite probable that your bank may have flagged this charge as unusual activity, and have temporarily blocked your card and are waiting to hear from you.  Please contact your bank to let them know the charge is real.


Was your billing address and CCV number entered correctly?

Some banks/credit card companies will decline a charge if your billing address was not entered correctly.  Same with those 3/4 digit codes on the back of the card (CCV).  If they are wrong, the charge can be declined.  Go back to the checkout form and enter correctly.


Contact Our Support Staff

If there’s no apparent reason you can ascertain as to why the charge is not going through (contacting your bank usually resolves issues 99.9% of the time), please email [email protected] and explain the error and our staff will take a look.