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Why Wholesale Product Mastery?

There is a lot of misinformation out there in the ether.  Folks talk about things they know nothing about, and worse yet, they are not even running a solid Amazon business of their own.  There are numerous business models and most of them do not work, are overly complicated, require excessive effort (the juice isn't worth the squeeze), or worst yet, are offered to sound too good to be true by people that are, in fact, con men.

Wholesale Product Mastery has been around, in various iterations, since 2015 and presented by Expert University™, which was co-founded by two Amazon millionaires, guys that continue to operate an Eight Figure Amazon business to this day.  They've helped thousands of others and when they tell you something, you can take it to the bank.

Todd Snively and Chris Keef are seasoned (yes, old, okay just "older") Entrepreneurs that have collectively build, sold or destroyed, close to twenty businesses in various niches, platforms, both online and off.  It's rare to see this much experience available to help people become a successful, professional Amazon seller.

Wholesale Product Mastery main features

Just because Todd and Chris are uber cool to learn from isn't the only reason (though, it's a super big one) you should enroll in Wholesale Product Mastery

Earn on an amazing marketplace

$5.7 Billion was spent on Amazon and at least 52% of those sales went to "Third Party Sellers".  We train you to be one of those, but not they way others are teaching

products that are already selling

The key to a low risk, high reward business model is to not be a guinea pig!  Do you want to try and selling something that has never sold before (private label)?  Or do you want to learn how to profit from already selling brand name products?  (The answer is "YES!)


This program first saw the light of day back in 2015 when hundreds of failing/frustrated private label sellers begged Todd & Chris to show them the "unsexy" way of making money on Amazon with name brand products.  They were the first, the best, and have only gotten better.

Support, support & support

Depending on the level of your membership, you can have access to Todd & Chris LIVE once a week.  You can ask them any question and get an answer.  Who else does that?  No one!  These coaching sessions will unearth the gold nuggets you need to excel in this business, and it's reserved for the "Best" level members.


If you join the "Better" or "Best" levels, you will have access to our famous, world class community of Amazon sellers.  Many are Amazon millionaires and are here to give back and help you.  You can ask questions, make connections, arrange hangouts, etc.  It's a vibrant community that exists to help you.


This is not a static program, it's a business building adventure!  Existing training is update on a regular basis as necessary, and new training added if Todd & Chris feels it is beneficial to you.  

"I can show anyone how to become successful on Amazon!"

- Todd Snively

I never prejudge anyone.  I've seen people with zero previous business experience become successful just by following our program.  It's about systems, software, procedures and taking our experience and following the plan we lay out for you.

Expert University™ Co-Founder

Our Members

We have trained THOUSANDS of folks over the years.  Those that take action and implement what we teach are very kind with their words.  We're so very proud of all of them.

Between Amazon, $236k gross sales and eBay another $47k I'm way off of the $400k goal I wanted to reach in year 1 but with everything I went through this year including catching COVID19 around Christmas, the sale, and the getting back of my store and the time it took putting that back together, a global pandemic, my whole family being unemployed off and on with all the shutdowns, etc. I am more than happy with the results I was able to achieve because of this amazing training Chris and Todd put together. I am convinced I would have reached over $500k if everything I wanted to buy was in stock! My ultimate goal is to have 100 products that generate an average of $1000 profit each per month. The best part is.....it's really not that crazy of a goal in this business! Also like Todd and Chris I'm always happy to try to help others that have questions and concerns about things with this business if I can. Thanks to everyone that answered my stupid questions on here and taught me tips and tricks that helped me grow. 🙏

-Robert Wong

Attitude, training, and persistence. What Chris and Todd teach does work!! I started towards the end of last year and January was my best month so far, over 12k in sales. I’ve been growing month over month since September of last year. I remember the first month that I hit $1000 in sales, such excitement and it wasn’t long ago. Ohhhhh and look at that margin 😝

- Sean Margalit

I started 2020 pretty well set up to triple my business. Then had a few bumps and was trying to hit $500,000 for the year. With a few missed opportunities and bad calls, I came just short of that. My consolation prize is that I exactly doubled my business during a worldwide meltdown. I think I will settle for that. Here's to making my first million dollar year in 2021!

- Gary Carlin

Wholesale Product Mastery Overview


  • Learn how to properly setup a real, legitimate, long term business
  • Learn the Wholesale/Buy Box Rotation model, in various degrees of details based upon the level of training you purchase
  • Todd & Chris sell on Amazon every day.  Learn from those that do what they teach.


  • Based on your level of membership, access our proprietary software to find the most profitable products to sell.
  • This software has been around the longest, is the fastest and has more data points to ensure you purchase the right products.
  • Extensive training on every aspect of our software.


  • Depending on the "Good", "Better", "Best" level of program you purchase, you will have access to many support channels.
  • Our "Best" program comes with access to Todd & Chris once a week on a live coaching call.  You can ask any question you want and get it answered by the Top Dawgs!
  • World Class support desk
  • Best Member Only community

Get started now!

Choose or Upgrade to "Better", or "Best" and Build Your Business Today!

What Makes Us Different

Todd & Chris are current Amazon sellers.  They do exactly what they teach.  This is not theory for them, this is not making you a guinea pig.  This is the opening of the kimono for your benefit.  To provide you knowledge not found online from long-time entrepreneurs to save you time, money and heartache.

This program is a true shortcut to the front of the line.  Why beat your head against the wall trying to learn what they already know, and are willing to share with you?  


This is a very unique opportunity, as the amount of money t be made is too large for any number of Amazon sellers to monopolize.  If that was the case, you'd never hear about Todd, Chris or this opportunity.  Todd has said many times that if he's going to be sharing the buy box with someone, he'd rather it be someone he's trained.


Once you learn how to make your first dollar of profit, you will have access to the systems and training that will allow you to multiply your efforts.  Because of the power of Amazon, this is one of those few opportunities that truly allows you as much growth as you desire.  You don't really think Amazon is going away, do you?  No, of course not.  Best time to start is now.


Others offer either just training, or just software, or just community, or useless free videos, or a 21 year old mentor that says he should totally be your business/life coach.  Todd & Chris not only have extensive business and Amazon experience, they bring you the whole package.  Training, Software, Mentorship and Community.  Everything you need to become sucessful.

Our Better, Best Pricing Plan

While everyone wants to start out with our "BEST" program, not everyone can afford the premium price tag.  If you can afford the "BEST" experience without digging into the rent or food money, you should go for it.  If you can't quite hit that number, then go for the "BETTER", but with the "BEST" you won't be missing out on anything.  It is, without a doubt, the best possible training experience anywhere.  If "BETTER" is where you need to start, all that means if you must be willing to do more of the work yourself.  Todd loves to tell people that when he didn't have money, he was willing to perform work that now that he has money, there's no way he would do.  We all start where we are all at, and go from there.



The "Good" program gives you access to what we call our "Quick Start" program. We, very quickly, run you through the minimum, viable amount of information you need to get started selling on Amazon the right way.

It's just enough information to get you across the finish line, but you will most likely be wanting more training as you see the value in this program.  Very powerful.  




Everything in the "Good" Program, PLUS:

  • Additional Extensive Training Modules
  • Wholesale Buying Club 30 Day Access (Contains our PRIVATE, Wholesale Supplier Database and list of 3PL companies), access past the 30 days requires upgrading to the "Best" version
  • 5 Past Live Coaching Sessions (there's gold in them hills!)
  • Access to Member Only Facebook Group
  • One Case Study with a Successful Member



Everything in the "Better" Program,

($3,000 value) PLUS:

  • Access to LIVE weekly calls with Todd & Chris so you can ask them anything! ($5,000 Value)
  • SIX MONTHS FREE ACCESS to Wholesale Inspector ($600 real value)
  • Access to ALL the past live coaching calls! ($997 Value)
  • Access to ALL member interviews/case studies ($997 Value)
  • UNLIMITED Wholesale Buying Club Access (both our private Wholesale Supplier Database AND 3PL lists) ($2,500 Value)


Frequently asked questions

I heard there are many ways to sell on Amazon, why is yours the best?

There are actually a handful, possibly more, of business models that "gurus" will promote online, trying to just selling training programs that either don't work, or have flaws you won't see until it is too late.  We have executed just about every model/method there is, and have concluded that the vast, vast majority of folks that want to earn money selling on Amazon should use the wholesale method.

How do I find these products to sell?

We only work with legitimate, large, wholesale distributors.  Over the decades we've been doing this, we've compiled quite the database.  Most people would kill for our "rolodex" of suppliers ready to open accounts with you, but don't worry, you don't have to kill anyone.  Just join the "Better" or "Best" version of our program and we'll give you access, no violence required.

I heard all the good products are already being sold, is that correct?

We'd say that maybe all the "sexy" (hyper competitive, low profit) products already have enough competitive sellers, however, those are not the products we go after.  So, all of the good products out there that need additional competitive sellers, number in the hundreds of thousands.  Plenty of room for you.

What is a "Competitive Seller"?

A competitive seller is someone that adds an offer to a profitable, already selling product, in such a way that Amazon includes you in the buy box rotation (i.e. they share all the sales with you).

How much money do I need to buy inventory?

We train you to start slow, prove out the research and do test purchases.  So, when you're getting started, you might need $500-$2,000 depending on how many products you want to get going with out the gate.  You can start with one and literally test it for $50 bucks, but that's a long road to financial independence.  

The idea is to send down just enough inventory so that you recoup the cost of the goods, and all the profit, within 30 days.  That's called an inventory turn.  You then get to use the "same money" to repurchase inventory.  You want to minimize days on hand of inventory and maximize inventory turns.  The only way to do this is with multiple pieces of software.

What's the most difficult part of this business, and how do you help me?

There are actually a few difficult parts, let's start with the first one, which is where do you purchase products at a price low enough that you can resell them for a decent profit?

Understand that we've been doing this for a long time.  Our rolodex is a highly valued asset to our business.  We actually give you access to our rolodex, though now, since it's online, it's called a database.  You won't have to bang your head against the wall trying to locate the best suppliers.  We simply let you use our database to see who they are.  We've taken something incredibly difficult, that stops more people in this business from making money, and have completely eliminated the issue.

Are you sure it's okay if I am reselling name brand products?  Sounds kind of fishy.

Yes, the Supreme Court ruled a long time ago that you have a right to resell anything you've legally purchased.  Our training also walks you through any potential issues you may face so that you can sleep well at night knowing you're not doing anything wrong.

Why would Amazon allow more competitive sellers onto the marketplace?  Aren't there already too many Amazon sellers?

There are plenty of Amazon sellers that do not have the first clue about what to do in order to obtain maximum profitability from the Amazon marketplace.  Those are not competitive sellers.  Those are amateurs that have no idea of the right way to sell on Amazon.  It is Amazon's goal to maximize the number of competitive sellers on all existing name brand products so that they can provide a better customer experience with faster shipping (ultimately one hour delivery) without having to maintain vendor relationships, or manage inventory.

After I pay you guys to learn how to do this, what other expenses might I have?

It should go without saying that you'll need to purchase inventory.  Now, most folks use their credit cards for that, and here's a tip, use a cash back reward credit card to earn 2% cash back on all your purchases.  Todd was able to buy a Z06 Corvette with his cash back rewards, a single years worth (your mileage may vary).

Now, the program has been designed to make sure you don't have to run out and spend a ton of money on a bunch of other things.  Depending on which level of our program you purchase, you can get up to six months free access to the software.  After that, it's $99/month and most everyone thinks that's a bargain for what it does for you.

Other than that, we train you to start with free services and then when you're making good profits, you can upgrade to some of the "Cadillac" level programs out there designed to help you make more money and make your life easier.  Completely voluntary.

I just want access to your Wholesale Supplier Database - how much is just that?

You can have 30 days access when you purchase the "Better" level of our program.  Or, you can have unlimited access when upgrade to, or purchase, the "Best" level.  There is no program that we offer that gives you access any other way.

What kind of support is available to me?

When you purchased the "Good", or what we call the Quick Start version of the program, you are pretty much on your own.  There's no premium support available at that level.

If you purchase the "Better" version, then you will be able to join our Member's Only Facebook group and post questions, interact with other members, etc.  You will also have access to five pre-recorded group training sessions to further enhance your training, and you will have one member case study to review.  You will also have access to our world class support desk and knowledge base.

In the "Best" version, you get all the above mentioned support portals, including unlimited access to the weekly Live Q&A sessions with either Todd or Chris.  They do tend to alternate weeks, but in many cases, they both show up also.  You will also have access to ALL of the past fifty or so Live Q&A recorded sessions, including all the member interviews and case studies.

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